Designer cat scrrratcher - world's first stylish solution


Finally, a stylish scratching post solution ideal for all kinds of houses and apartments. Hard-wearing and attractive, this attractive cat scratching solution can be mounted to walls or doors so you don't lose any floor space. Looks good, works great!


Registered design no. 202115157.

Cat Scrrratch Post

  • Cat Scrrratch post is designed to stick to your wall - no need to drill holes, and you won't lose floor space. We recommend placing one post near your front door so your furry friend can have a nice stretch when you arrive home - they'll love it. Add more posts around your house or apartment to give your cat more scratching options.


    We can add a stainless steel hoop at the top for just $10 more so you can attach your cat's favourite toys (or simply a length of elastic which our cats love to play with). This option helps your cat engage with the Cat Scrrratch Post even more. This option is available at check-out.



    Each Cat Scrrratch Post is assembled by hand in Melbourne using lightweight PVC tubing and macramé cord (90% cotton, 10% polyester). 95cm high x 9.5cm wide. Cat Scrrratch Post extends just 13.5cm out from a wall or door. Colour - antique white/natural.