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Montmartre (after Brett Whiteley)

First, to the Colesseum and then icecreams

Dusk on a Thursday

A slower afternoon before dinner in Florence

Ayuttaya Recovery

Arno Pisa

Tuscan Farm Cat I

Tuscan Farm Cat II

Tuscan Farm Cat III

Around 6pm, under the bridge

Roma Streetscape

Exhibition Buildings, Melbourne


Pablo works with coffee and ink on canvas. He likes the flow, immediacy and unpredictability of these mediums.

His current series focuses on Rome, Paris and Melbourne, all famous for their love of coffee. The streetscapes have both loose and tight elements, blended with coffee for an earthy, tonal feel. Collage adds detail that is revealed slowly to the viewer.

Pablo lives and paints in St Kilda, Australia, and has shown at a number of local spaces including galleries, restaurants and boutiques. He sells locally and internationally to different collectors.

All works shown have been sold. Commissions welcome.

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